We are a forward-thinking team of artists, developers and makers driven by passion — and fuelled by curiosity.


a place for


We believe that good utilities are built where everyone has the potential to unleash their creativity and exchange ideas.


We bring together innovative coders, pixel perfect designers, inspiring thought-leaders and our great passion in making this platform.

With the vision to offer real, practical yet interesting tools to the NFT and Crypto community, we hope to gather like-minded makers to further grow the space.

This is a place we foresee as a beautiful mix for Creativity with Practicality

The art inspirations originated with the idea of anti-stereotypes for which "builders and makers" are mostly represented by male figures. If you have have a feeling that our art "mismatch" with maker identities, then that is exactly why we did it. Open up a  question to everyone about the norms - why can't we?

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Phase 1
  • 4096 MeoWomen are available on our website.
  • Minting will be separated into 2 rounds, Presale (only for whitelist) and Public Sale (for everyone)
  • Improved ERC-721 contract will be deployed to reduce gas fees for our holders
Phase 2
  • 10% of primary sales will be deposited into our Community Wallet
  • Holders-only giveaways and projects’ whitelist
  • Token is generated depending on holding time. Stake is not required.
Phase 3
  • NFT platform for Users will be released (Holders-only). Various tools including, but not limited to, stats analytic tool, Opensea optimization tool and automated minting tool will be released.
  • Experts from NFT community are invited to share experience and information.! 🎉
  • All members can share their projects on the platform as first preview to the group.
Phase 4
  • Platform will now also support Creators who want to create NFT projects. Starter kits will be provided for Creators to set up projects smoothly.
  • One repo for creating NFT projects are shared on the platform. We will keep providing support to creators who need helps.
Phase 5
  • Gen 2, IRL events, and many more coming….









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