We love to help our awesome meowomen with their questions.

Frequently asked questions

What are meowomen about?

With the vision to offer real, practical yet interesting tools to the NFT and Crypto community, we hope to gather like-minded makers to further grow the space. We foresee this place to be a platform for all makers to share insights, learnings and tools.

When does minting begin?

Our mint date has confirmed to be 12 May, 2022. Mark this important day!

Who can mint one? Is this just for women?

Anyone who is a passionate maker can mint one. It's not just for women, instead we want to anti-stereotype the classic figure of makers - male. Will a group with "craftsmanship" in its name only for men?

How do I mint one?

1. Sign up for Metamask or Coinbase Wallet and download the extension on your internet browser.
2. Make sure you have enough Ethereum in your wallet to cover the total cost including gas fees.
3. On mint day, there will be a Connect button at the top of our website to connect to your wallet.
4. Click on the mint button and you will be prompted to sign for your transaction. There will be a fee associated with every transaction related to gas prices.
5. Once you have made your purchase, your meowomen will appear in your wallet and on Opensea!

Why ETH?

We want our tools to create the most impact, so we need exposure to the largest and broadest ecosystem.

Is there any fees for transactions?

You need to pay for gas fee in the transaction.

Why should I hold one?

You are invited to join this group if you want to enjoy the tools but also contribute to the community with your insight, experience or what you built. This is a platform for real dreamer, ones that are bold, creative but also make it happens. Plus, all makers in the group have access to our exclusive activities, contests and tools.

Where and how can I join the discord group?

The discord group is invite-only. You can follow our Twitter to check out our activities. We have collab campaigns that offer 24-hour-expired discord link. Don't miss them!

What is your token? How do we use it?

Our token is called MWM. It will be firstly used on our tool meowish - gaining the ability to perform analytics on your NFT trades. We are still exploring further applications with it. The first step is to link it with our community utilities as mentioned in roadmap.

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