Meowish Introduction

Meowish is an all-in-one NFT Analytics Tool

What is Meowish?

Every cat wants to catch the best fish in the open sea, and this is what meowish let you do - hunt your NFT with the right insight, and trade them at the right price.

What are the unique features?

Check out this preview video for Meowish! We have included various unique features for everyone to analysis NFT collections and items. Some special features are:

  • Collection Performance with one pager
  • Trading Analysis
  • Owner Summary
  • Tradelogs
  • Item Summary and Comparison
  • Item Traits
  • Mint Helper

There are also many more to come! Stay tuned!

Who can use Meowish?

The private preview is exclusively for Meowomen holders. After public preview, Meowish will be a freemium platform. Holders can have free and full access. Others can have free but limited access. To purchase the full access, MWM will take place in the payment.

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